Mini Pannier Rack, 355

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The Tumbleweed Mini Pannier Rack is designed to have the same bag support functionality and triple bottle mounts as the T Rack but with an extra set of side legs to provide stability for small panniers.

This rack will work with a variety of modern panniers with adjustable hardware, as well as traditional style panniers with an elastic lower hook attachment.



  • Chromoly
  • Comes in 355mm and 385mm platform heights (center of lower eyelet to center of platform)
  • 120mm wide x 300mm long platform
  • Allows for extremely generous tire clearance
  • Fit a wide variety of bikes with traditional upper and lower rack mounts
  • Comes with two sets of upper mounting struts, 100mm and 300mm which can be cut down to length for a clean fit on your bike.
  • Multiple light mounts will accommodate a variety of lights.
  • Note: Can't be mounted on bikes without dropout rack eyelets or upper rack eyelets

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